Help please stress at 7 weeks


I’m 7 weeks and my nausea just started. I learned the trick to stop it. I need to eat every hour and a half. If I eat after that time period, I feel REALLY sick. Well I cant prepare food myself bc I’m so nauseous, so husband has been doing it and always misses the mark bc he’s busy with work or something. I eat every two hours plus instead and at that point I’m crying in pain and can barely stomach the food. Idk if this happened to anyone else but I find myself crying for my mom when this happens. Repeatedly saying mommy when I feel sick. I haven’t told anyone only me and husband knows. Husband just said why are you calling for your mom, which made me get sooo angry. I yelled screamed at him and cried. Saying he needs to stop judging me and understand my pains are real. Can that stress affect my baby? Please help.