Swimsuit idea! To make it more appropriate!

Okay so I bought this swimsuit last year. The description said TAN AND BLACK. I got in in. And it was “tan” but mesh so obviously see through. And the lace on the boobs were also kinda see though in spots. So never wore it because I don’t want a nip slip or negative comments even tho I’m a grown woman. Anywho I’ve decided tomorrow I’m going to buy either red or lavender spandex to out behind the body pieces to make it more “appropriate” to wear in public. This suit fits me so well and covers my butt(I don’t like showing to much cheek 😂) and I love everything about it EXCEPT the see though part. I will try to update y’all when it’s done if y’all are interested! Here’s the picture I took last year! I’ve also gained weight so it actually looks like I have boobs when I wear it. I was really surprised it fit it’s a tad bit tight in the waist but I can add extra elastic if needed. So I will post a new picture when it’s complete! I hope it turns out like the image in my head 😂