Clinical Sneak Peek

Expecting _mom_4

Did anyone do the clinical Sneak Peek (not at home) and get the wrong results?

The reason I ask is my experience with the blood draw. I have 3 boys already and a husband at home. So I decided to go to the clinic to get it done to avoid contaminations. The nurse was a male and it was just done in a back room of this elective ultrasound place. The table wasn't wiped down, that I saw. He touched multiplethings with his one gloved hand. The male RN only used one glove. Touched all over my arm to find a vein without the glove, used the same alcohol pad on my arm in 2 places after it touched the table. I was very uncomfortable and I know I should have said something. He used the alcohol wipe for 15 seconds max in the spot he drew the blood. I left feeling like I wasted my money because I knew it was going to say boy results. I also know if the ultrasound says girl and at birth is a girl I will be refunded. I am happy regardless but know I grieve that I will in fact never have a baby girl of my own.

Update: it was correct! We are having our 4th boy!