Advise ASAP

I need some advice hopefully someone here can give me, I'm not sure exactly what to look for. I'm in Indiana, my boyfriend of 5 years, and father of our 2 kids, I'm also pregnant with our third, just kicked me out (again). He is at work right now until 4 pm, its 11 am. I have all that time to pack but he says I'm not taking the kids, its a very sudden thing so I'd go to my moms and she's in an apartment, he said they dont need to be cramped up and "if I dont do things his way its going to be even more difficult for me" I'm wondering, being unmarried, can he just keep the kids? I've been a SAHM, so as he says I have "nothing" no money. No friends, no car. I'll have to start over fresh which in a way I'm excited about. Of course it will be hard but this abusive relationship has gone on too long. He says he will absolutely not let them come with me and I can "deal with not being around them" like he has to when he's away in a different state for work. I'm a little scared he's gonna try to take them and I dont know much about how it all works.