New mama help


So I found out I’m pregnant a few days ago and got it confirmed today! Ahhhh. Unplanned but not unwelcome nor unloved. But I know nothing about babies. And I have no one to go to:(

We’ll be looking at obgyns soon so I can ask them but I’m seven weeks and won’t see them for another couple weeks probably.

Any new mom advice??

I’ll take anything 🤣

Some specific questions:

What should I avoid during pregnancy?

Is there any sleep positions that could harm baby?

Does a heat pack harm baby?

How do I make sure my baby is getting enough nutrients? I’m super nauseous and only crave carbs. I force myself to eat vegetables lately but I really don’t want to 🤢

Also, I prob will get judged for this, but i got a negative pregnancy test the day my period was due so I had modafinil (sort of like adderall) and a glass of wine. I got my positive an entire three weeks later and felt so guilty. I’m sure it’ll be fine since it was so early and minimal amounts, but what do you think mamas? Is baby okay?

And any tips on what its like to have a newborn will be appreciated too. I’ve nannied for older kids but never for munchkins so small. Any thing you didn’t know but wish you did? I dont even know what to ask about 🤣🤦🏻‍♀