My not so bad birth story! (Long)

Brittany 💙 6/1/2020

I feel like there are a lot of scary birth stories out there and just wanted to share a happy one!

I'll start off by saying I was working a 13 hour shift on Sunday may 31st as an RN on my feet. It was a rough shift. I went to bed just like any other night (my due date wasn't until June 21st). I woke up around 1am feeling some fluid gush out. At first I wondered, did I just pee myself? So I got up to use the bathroom and more came out. At this point I knew something was up.

I woke my husband up around 2am to tell him and then called the doctor. He told me to head to l&d. Mind you, I was having no contractions at this point. So we took a quick shower. I had to wait for my husband to pack his bag (he thought we had more time and procrastinated).

We got to the hospital around 4am where they told me I was 4cm dilated and my water had broken. I started to have mild contractions by now but they were pretty close together. Got admitted and moved into a room and hooked up to everything. I waited awhile to get the epidural until the contractions were unbearable, around 730am. The epidural honestly wasn't bad for me at all. I was worried having scoliosis that it would be problematic but it went smoothly.

After the epidural kicked in I was quite comfortable, couldn't feel any contractions at all. However I was shaking uncontrollably. That made me a little nervous but the nurse assured me that probably just meant labor was progressing. She decided to check me to see if I'd made any progress. Im a first time mom so she thought it would be awhile. To her (and my) surprise, I was fully dilated and ready to push.

So the nurse had me start pushing to see how far down I could get the baby. A few rounds of pushes later, he was crowning. She called the doctor in, and he was quick. About 2 rounds of pushes later, my son was born. It wasn't super painful, just a lot of pressure. I did get a 2nd degree tear and required some stitches but luckily I didn't feel it.

So my perfect boy was born at 8:28am at 6 lb 12 oz, 3 weeks early!! The staff was surprised how fast my labor was for a first time mom, and I was glad as well! I couldn't ask for a better birthing experience.