New to the dating scene and have some questions.

Hey everyone, I'm talking to this wonderful man from tinder and I'm hoping to meet him soon. But I have never dated before, so I'd love some help! Sorry if this post is long, but here are my questions:

1. I have been using a fake name and burner number so far to keep myself safe. I've already had a video call with him to verify that he's not a catfish and we had a lovely conversation. However, I still haven't told him my real name. When do I tell him and how? I was thinking of telling him when we first meet in person. Would that be a good idea?

2. Is it ok to mention that I'm ok with him seeing other people as long as everyone is being safe? Or is non-exclusivity implied until the exclusive talk? Is it too soon to even talk about all this? When is it a good time to bring it up?

3. Would it be weird if I asked him to show proof of his STD status (the test results...with his confidential info hidden)? Or should I just stick to believing him if he says he's in the clear?

4. I'm a virgin (22F) but I don't want to tell him right now because I'm worried that he might take advantage of me since it would make me seem more vulnerable. I don't expect to be good at it the first time but he's already had a lot of experience. So I want to let him know when we're in the bedroom and about to do it (as a caution that it might not be great and so that he takes it slow). Would that be a good way to approach it or do you have other suggestions?

5. Should I carry lube with me lol?