She kissed him & now they’re close friends


My boyfriend of 1.5 years hangs out one-on-one with a girl that kissed him last January (he told me about it the next day and said that he immediately told her nothing can ever happen between them) and whenever I try to say that that’s not okay with me, he ignores my feelings or better yet, gets angry that I don’t allow him to be friends with whoever he wants to be friends with.

I know he’s not cheating on me, but I also know that she still likes him and that he likes that she does. Today I confronted him about it and he finally confirmed with the following words:

“Sure, I am friends with someone who clearly likes me more than just a friend because I like the feeling of being liked. So what.”

On one hand, I’m positive he’s not gonna cheat on me with her, so why be jealous? But on the other hand I just feel so disrespected... how are my feelings in this not considered at all?? And also, if this is how he goes about a smaller situation (“oh yea she kissed me and I wasn’t fast enough to stop her but physical stuff doesn’t mean anything to me so it’s fine”), then how is he going to act if something bigger than that happens? I feel sort of gaslighted in this situation, tell me what you think please.