He’s irritating the hell out of me


So I Vape and I’m working on quitting right and occasionally, not very often, I asked my boyfriend if he can stop at the gas station to grab me some pods and I always tell him I will PayPal him the money for it. Well I have PayPaled him the money for it every single time that I’ve asked him to stop to grab me something. My pods only cost $9.69 and I always send him $10 even. 

Tonight I asked him, because he stops anyway at the end of the night for a beer for himself if he could grab me some pause and I will PayPal him $10 and if you grab me a Diet Coke and the money that he owes me we could call it even on he sent me back a text “look the stores four blocks away, I’m busy why can’t you”.

I mean quite literally it wouldn’t make sense to waste the gas when he’s already out and going to be stopping anyway. So then he gets home he says to me I don’t see why you couldn’t go, buying these pods for you it’s really starting to add up.

Add up to what exactly because he’s making an extra $.31 every time he goes to get me my pods So the two times I’ve asked him to this month, he’s made an extra $.62 plus he still owed me $1.21 that I called it even on. So essentially he’s $1.83 in the positive. And honestly there’s been times when I worked my ass off leaving my first job going to my second job and then having to be back at work at 9 in the morning and he’s asked me to stop after work to grab him something and I stopped without complaint even though he didn’t pay me back for it. Even though there’s a gas station 4 blocks away. I didn’t ask him why he couldn’t do it himself.

He literally makes a huge deal out of the smallest shit.