Childish Boyfriend


My boyfriend have been together for almost two years. And we keep butting heads on one subject: texting

He takes hours to respond and takes at least 20 minutes to respond even when he’s on his phone. He’s even admitted to seeing notifications from me, and not answering them “just cause” it doesn’t make sense. I always answer everyone in a timely fashion and I’m not glued to my phone. It makes me so mad.

So I texted him a photo and asked him his opinion and he didn’t answer but he sent me a message on another platform! So I just said “Nevermind I’ll ask someone else” like honestly. Why can’t u answer ur own girlfriend?? He knows how I feel about this stuff. But ya he’s so childish when it comes to this. I tried calling him because he got so offended by my comment even tho it wasn’t meant to come across that way.

Then to top it off. He brings in the fact that I had a good day and tries to make me feel bad by saying that although I had a good day? He didn’t.

I called him and he didn’t answer and he ended up just saying he didn’t feel like talking. Honestly!!! So childish.

Any thoughts??