So sad


I always wondered why woman who couldn’t conceive got so up set. It just wasn’t a thing for me. I got pregnant right away with both my sons. But I’ve been off birth control since July and. Haven’t used any protection and just started to really try to conceive the last two months and I got negative test both months. Today being one of those days. I was sad about it but it didn’t really bother me much. But as the day went on and the problems in my life grew more and more I became an emotional wreck. I just wanted to try for my girl and I failed. I have blood work scheduled to get tested to see if there’s any reason for my secondary infertility. But I am just completely torn up right now. It hurts so bad. Now I know other woman’s pain. I even went so far as googling why a test would come up negative if your were really pregnant. My period is supposed to start tomorrow so I guess I will just have to wait and see once again. The disappointment sucks. But hopefully I can get this figured out soon.