Mom and her sisters fam are planning July 4th vacation- I’m against it due to virus


My mom and her sister are in their 70s and in the very high risk group.

She just told me that her sister who she lives with!! Is planning for her son and his new gf and her 10 year old son to come visit over July 4th and go to Lake Tahoe and all. They will be flying in from Oregon...

I’m totally against it because my mom lives with her sister and high high risk group. She said my aunt already made her mind up. My aunt had a stroke last year too that almost killed her. I’m pissed at my cousin for thinking of his new gf first (they are going on the vacation for her new gfs 40th birthday)

What should I do? I feel they should hold off a couple months on traveling... should I say something directly to my cousin or aunt? My mom doesn’t want to speak up cuz she lives with her sister (it’s basically her house, my mom pays rent)