Would you be upset if your boyfriend kept pictures of his baby’s mother displayed in his house?

I know I’m being jealous but I just need someone else to tell me lol.


(we’ve only been dating for 11 months & officially bf/gf 6 months) My boyfriend use to live with the mother of his 7 year old child in his current house. They bought it together but she moved out after breaking up with him because according to him she hated that he smokes weed. Obviously he was upset, didn’t want to lose his family, even hired a psychic 😪 to try to get them back together. Obviously didn’t work. 1.5 years after the breakup we meet (0.5 after the psychic 🙄 which bothers me as well).

The situation:

On his refrigerator in his house there are tons of magnetic pictures that the baby’s mother had printed out & put up (I don’t see him doing something like that). Half of the pictures are just of the mom & his son & there’s one of the mom pregnant. I asked him about it when we first started dating & he says it’s for his son. Ok. It’s just every time I’m at his house, in his kitchen, cooking, I just see her & think about their life here. I also do know his son likes seeing them because there was one time where I was watching him & he started picking pictures & telling me his memories of the picture 😭

ugh I feel like I’m putting my insecurities on him but idk.

Extra information:

Also when we first started dating the first time I went to his house he still had a lot of her things there, in the closet, in the bathroom. He said she just didn’t think it was important to take and he doesn’t pay attention to it which I know because he doesn’t notice a lot of things right in his face. Also he still has pictures of them on his Instagram/Facebook. I guess it’s because of the son they share. I just know that myself would have deleted & removed everything. That’s how I move on but I guess it’s not the same when there’s a child involved? Idk I’ve been helping him clean/decorate his house in quarantine so we put her things together & he’ll be giving it to her at some point.

Me trying to not sound like a bitch:

I’ve met his baby’s mother because sometimes I watch their son & she’s very nice & I have absolutely nothing against her. I just don’t like seeing her/her things in my boyfriend’s house 😟

am I making something out of nothing?

Is this normal things when you date someone with a child from a previous relationship?

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