43 this year! BFP!


Im 42 will be 43 this year. I left this app several months ago after loosley ttc for about a year and then actively ttc for another year. I gave up and deleted the app and stopped opks, stopped tracking my ovulation, period, everything, figuring i was just too old now and would just be thankful to God for my boys that I have and stop trying.

Well two days ago i was having some cramping and figured my period was about to start. But it didnt come that evening or the next day. I redownloaded the app to see when my period was supposed to be. Saw that i was a day late, which never happens. Im either right on time or early. Was near dollar tree so i figured what the heck ill swing in and buy a test. Im sure its negative but its only a dollar so no loss for some peace of mind. Took it home and tested immediately. I couldn't believe my eyes. BFP clear as day with two dark lines.

Came back here to encourage you all that it can happen. And when you are least expecting it. God is the one who gives life. Doesnt matter how old you are or how many obstacles you are facing. God is a big God and all things are possible with Him. God bless all you ladies i hope and pray you get your bfp soon!

Update!!: 28 weeks and going strong!! Almost to the finish line!!