interracial relationships

are you in an interracial relationship? how have things been hard and how do you overcome it?

i am in an interracial relationship with someone who's parents are committed on him marrying someone of his same race. he is very cultural and religious, his parents have a list of females he's allowed to marry. we've been together for a year and she knows about me but tells him not to get comfortable because it won't last. it breaks my heart. we are so in love and i can never picture life without him. he mentioned running away together and continues to ensure that i am the love of his life and we will be together forever. his parents will need to come to terms with it, whatever it takes. but family is also so important to him. i am heart broken. i only want love and happiness for him always and i know we have that. our relationship is very hard and sometimes i just cry all day knowing how hard it is for him to be in love with me and he can't be open about it with his family because he gets immediately shut down. i am so sad. i recently just scheduled an appointment with a therapist and was prescribed zoloft. i don't know what to do sometimes😞