Breastfeeding mamas

Hi ladies

I need advice about what might be going on. My 2 week old baby boy was crying a lot yesterday, most of the day. I breast feed exclusively and I know or I thought my milk supply was great(i had a jaundice issue with him at the beginning so I had to pump to feed him more therefore I knew I had a good supply I saw how much milk was coming in.) so I breastfed him a lot that day because he was very fussy and crying a lot and looked hungry. He kept crying all day and when ny husband got home he took over I was just done didn’t know what to do anymore I just wanted to make him feel better. I thought maybe it was colic or gas. I fell asleep and my husband told me while I was half out that maybe he should try giving him some formula. I said alright and he did and baby boy drank 4 ounces in like 5 min. And then stopped crying. So I figured I would pump and give it to him that way next time he’s hungry, but I tried breastfeeding again and I noticed he latches on great, but he’s just sleeping while on the boob instead of drinking his milk like he was doing before. What could be going on? Could he be wanting more quantity of food and my nipple only does so much??