Fiances mother is so NEGATIVE

My family has land that they don’t use (I’m a native on an island) My fiancé and I have hired people to start building on it. I didn’t want anyone to know because for me I like to kept things private. And it’s more than likely somebody from his family was going to say something NEGATIVE. Anyways, his family did find out. My fiancé told them... (he was excited) I got upset at him for it because I know his mom doesn’t like me and she’s always doubting what I’m capable of. She called me saying ... “you know... you and *her son* should just get an apartment. Building a house is too much at your age. You’re only 21. Do you guys really think you have enough money to finish that project??”

O-M-G. I was so irritated. I’ve already invested so much in this house. The walls were coming up. It’s almost finished. It’s irritating because I know what I’m capable of and when people say negative things it’s like ??? Why do you think your opinion matters? For me, I like to work towards things without anyone knowing because in a way it’s like jinxing yourself, you know what I mean? When i have something good going for me I feel like

when I stop being humble about it the goodness stops. Anyways,

She always gives me advice on what to do on my life and she talks to me like ima little kid ! Like ma’am please.. I swear I’m fine. Lmao.... I’m done.