Was it wrong of me to be upset that my boyfriend didn't put laundry away after he said he was going to?

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I (f22) have been with my boyfriend (m26) for 2 years and a couple of months. We live with my mother, sister and brother.

Sorry it's so long and the grammar is crappy, and also how jumbled up it is.

We have a pretty good size room with a bathroom which takes up 3/4 of one side of the basement and the other side is my brother's and boyfriend's gaming area. My brother kind of moved half his room down there.

On Wednesday after work I did a couple of chores around our room. I did all our laundry that had piled up over the past week or so. While my lover play Call Of Duty on the other side of the basement. Before his next game starts he took a bathroom break, and said that since I washed everything he would put it away after work on Thursday. Also clean out the leftovers in his lunch box that had been sitting in there for over a week completely molded over. (He has a bad habit of leaving the food that he hasn't ate out of his lunch box for long periods of time).

Don't think it's far for my little brother (13) to have to clean out someone else's irresponsibility.

Thursday and Friday have passed and it's Saturday Morning. I showed and started putting the clothes away because at this point I'm getting down the desperate times call for desperate measure underwear and it just needs to get done.

I picked up the room and just ended up throwing the container of food away and cleaned up a few things that were in his game area cups, bowls, empty pop cans and the half gallon of milk that was sitting on the floor, Which was definitely expired. While he scrolling through Facebook watching videos.

I don't want to be a nitpicky bitch so I just held my tongue. I went and sat in my car for a bit questioning if I should say something or not, about how he said he was going to do something and just ended up not do anything at all. Really bad with addressing my problems up front so I texted him. (I'm working on getting better at not doing it.)

I texted him this "You said that you were going to put the laundry away and clean out the leftover in the container. I 100% trusted that you were going to do it." That I waited and waited for him to do and I don't understand where I am going wrong so I wish we could fix this problem.

Anyways the whole thing blow up in my face after we talked in person. He said that I didn't even give him time to piss and relax Saturday morning. Also because he is a bigger guy so he sweats alot at work and can't move around as nimble as me so he's more tired. That his job is a lot harder then mine.

(He works at a factory that makes needles and medical supplies 7-3. I'm a housekeeper at hospital 6:30-3. We both work the same hours a week. He has every weekend off, I work every 3rd weekend.)

That he will do the laundry when he feels like it and that I need to stay the fuck out of his gaming area. He kept repeating that I didn't even give him time to piss in the hour and a half (possibly longer) that he was on his phone in bed. The thing is we both get off at 3 and have lots of time to relax after work. These passed couple of days I have been taking a nap after work. Which he brought up that he didn't get to do unlike me. He had the choice to do it but instead play COD with the boys. I have 100% fully support him in his video game hobby, so it's not like I'm not letting him play.

All I wanted was the clothes and the container to be done when he said it was going to be done. I want thinks to be equal. I thought I had valid reason to be upset but the tables have turned and now I feel like a uptight grumpy Bitch who couldn't let her boyfriend relax. This isn't the first time where he said he was going to do something and ends up not doing it so I do it.

He always brings up that I won't marry him but I don't want to end up being a house wife with a lazy husband. What if we have kids and he's tired after work? I'm probably gonna end up doing everything.

My friend said that he's gaslighting. I honestly don't know what to think and I'm definitely questioning if I was in the wrong here, Was I? I really do feel like I took the fault for something I didn't do wrong. He bought me a gallon of ice cream as some type of apology idk...feel like I might actually be losing my sanity here.

Again I'm sorry the grammar is crappy, and also how jumbled up it is.