I'm 5 weeks today and i can feel the nausea creeping up on me........its the only thing i despise about pregnancy....i have been trying to stuff my face with all my favourite foods especially spicy because i know as soon as it hits its GAME OVER! I have ordered some vitamin b6 that i will start taking tomorrow when i pick up from superdrugs......i have heard the American talk of 'unisom' which is a sleeping aid which we don't have over here in the my prenatal vitamins and b6 will have to do! With my first pregnancy i went down from a uk size 10 to uk size 8 thats because the sickness was sooo bad i couldn't even keep down water but yet my mouth was always producing extra saliva...YUCK!!!

I did however drink some ginger beer today just yo ease the sickly feeling i had so i could eat my curried prawns i made in peace lol it seemed to work.....wish me luck for the next few weeks guys!