Newborn sleep habit

So my son is one month old and I have noticed his night sleeping seems to be regressing. We didn’t hAve much of a schedule yet anyway, but he typically would wake up for his first feed around 12:30am and then go right back to sleep after feeding and then he would wake up again around 3:30am to feed but fussed and fights going back to sleep unless rocked for a little while and then still he will only go back to sleep for maybe an hour and then he is awake again screaming to eat but then will only take about an ounce before he is out again and then boom an hour later wants more milk. He seems to be waking up more often now after that 2nd night feeding and I’m not sure how to get him to stay asleep once asleep again and not sure why he is wanting to feed again so soon. He takes 3oz for most feedings but can never go normally more than 2 hours without wanting to eat again. Sometimes is 1.5 hours during the day. It’s like he is showing hunger cues to get a bottle as a way to sooth himself even if but true it hungry, but I’m not for sure if this is what he is doing and if it is I’m not sure how to correct that.