The reason I stayed

I’m going to try and make this as short as possible... in hopes it helps someone else.

I found out my husband of 5 years and high school sweet heart cheated on me in October.

(The infidelity happened in April or 2019)

I did not stay for him and I did not stay for me, I stayed for us. I stayed to see if we were still in love and if he would work as hard as I was willing to work for our relationship.

I thought my husband was my best friend and I thought we would always be okay. I got too comfortable with our relationship, and sadly drifted away from him. I started hanging out with my friends, living my life and stopped focusing on our relationship.

I was so busy “living my life” I forgot about ours. I was to the point I did not care what he did, who he was with or where he was. I didn’t even realize he was cheating on me.

So long story short...

Relationships take 100 percent. 100 percent from you and 100 percent from your partner. 50/50 doesn’t work. If you are reading this post in hopes for advice congratulations!

You should first look at your own actions, if you feel like your not appreciated ask yourself if you’ve been appreciative to your partner.

Tell your partner how you feel, talk to them, show affection, send a good morning text message, ask your partner how their day was, schedule a lunch date. Just so you can say you tried, because I could not.

Within the last 6 months I’ve realized people change and I am getting to know my husband of 10 years all over again. We’ve had our ups and downs, cried and laughed but at the end of the day... I know where I want to be now and I hate it took him cheating on me to realize it.