33 days late

Desiree • Trying for my rainbow baby... i lost in june.mommie of a 3yr old & of an angel ♡♡
I've had nausea all day .I can't stand my legs nor my lower back. my stomach feels bubbly, my nipples are sore, linea negra is darker.peeing more often and if I don't go in the night .in the morning I feel a lot of pressure in my abdomin afterwards. I've taken the cheapie tests from Wal-Mart .88 cent ones and there neg.....idk what's going on. I had a miscarriage in june. and had a d&c I wouls think by having that done it would of regulated my periods? my last period was july 14. I was due to have it on agu 11th.according to my app??? need advice