Can you help me?? I am worried!

Elizabeth • I just finished career school for a Pharmacy Technician. TTC baby #1

Okay here it goes, just a timeline, hope you understand:

Glow said I was fertile Aug. 31-Sep. 5

Glow predicted I ovulated on September: 3rd

AF due the 18th

We BD on September: 1,2,4,8,10,13.

On Sep. 5-now: I started getting lower back pains that only happens 3-5 days before expected period

On Sep. 7-12: started getting slight cramps that felt like pitches around my pelvic area that came and went

On Sep. 7-now: nausea that came and went

On Sep. 9-now: my nipples were sensitive

On Sep. 13 cramps got a bit stronger and moved to my uterus area

On Sep. 13-now: outer sides of my breast hurt

Today (September 14): cramps have completely stopped.

AF is due the 18 and I am worried that I might get my bfn. Has any of you lovely ladies experience cramping that stopped and still got your BFP????