Baby boy finally arrived 😍

A quick little birth story: At 4:30 pm on June 18th I was on the phone with my mom complaining that this baby would never arrive. At 7pm I had my first β€œweird” contraction (I had been having contractions for weeks and was at 4.5cm dilated and 100% effaced already at my last appointment, but these felt SO different), I took a bath and then attempted a shower trying anything to take the pain away. I was convinced I just needed to have a bowel movement πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™€οΈ I was yelling and moaning in the shower on the ground when my husband came to check on me. At 9pm we decided to head to the hospital- My husband had to help put my clothes on and brush my hair I was in so much pain, we arrived at 10pm and they put me in a room immediately after looking at me hunched over in the wheelchair. I got into the bed and puked everywhere from being in so much pain 🀒 I told them I REALLY wanted to try to go without an epidural. They checked me and I was at 5-6cm at 10pm and I instantly got into the tub which was SO helpful. The pain was just SO intense and unreal, after talking to the midwife (who just walked in and met me while in the tub) she said she needed to check me again and then we would decide where to go from there. At 11pm (almost an hour after getting to the hospital 😳) she checked and said β€œWhy don’t instead of an epidural, we have a baby.... You’re 10cm mama!” I started to cry I was so happy and scared. After almost 2 hours of pushing, our baby Boy was born at 1:20 AM completely perfect with no complications 😍 3.5 hours after getting to the hospital, I was holding our son! My labor was β€œfast and furious” as all the nurses said and my husband was absolutely incredible- he rocked it and is such a good daddy to our perfect little boy!