Did buying a house cost monthly as much as you thought?

We have started looking for a house. We were going to wait another year but idk we just really want one and are tired of throwing our money away on rent. We don’t have a lot saved up. We would try and do a first time buyers program with no money down if we can.

We pay $1350 a month on rent.

The houses that have everything we want all end up looking about 230k-240k

We are already talking to someone but just started so we haven’t got all the answers yet and I’m just looking at this house like 😍😍.. then 😭 because idk if we can afford it yet. (Not really expecting to get this exact house I know it takes longer... or I think it does?)

I have good credit 710 but my SO not as good and they said they will look at theirs(well both) 🙁

Is it always random what monthly payments will be or do you think it will be about $1350(just saying an amount) a month for a house about 230k

I do an estimate online and it’s always $1200-$1900 Thats such a huge difference lol so it’s not very helpful. Just curious if someone had experience.

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