Saying “I love you”

So when do you think is an appropriate time to say “I love you?” How much time is an acceptable amount of time to be together?

Both with someone you’ve known for years (as friends) and started a romantic relationship,

And someone you’ve just met and started a romantic relationship with.

I’m curious to get an average! Lol

I’ve been dating my current boyfriend for two months, and I can honestly say I know I love him. But I’ve also known him for well over 15 years and been good friends with him throughout that time. I have not yet shared my feelings with him yet.

My ex I had just met through a mutual friend that set us up, and I didn’t know if I loved him until 6-7 months in, and even then wasn’t sure enough to tell him immediately.

I guess it’s different for everyone. And if you know, you know. I’m just amazed at how fast this happened for me, and how real these feelings are.

So how long?