Toxic ex-friend that won’t leave me alone

So, today me and my bestfriend we’re listening to the song Caroline, it has the n word in it.

*I don’t say the n word *im white*, I hate when people say it that are white, in my Opinion on the matter is if you’re white just dont fucking say it. It’s wrong. It’s not that hard to not say a certain fucking word guys, or skip over it in a song.

Well we’re listening to this song, the n word part came up so I obviously don’t say it, *my friend was recording* well as she was recording she moved the camera away from my face to hers to make a ugly face at the camera, and that’s where the video ends. This girl I used to be friends with like a month ago, slide up on it and goes. “Oh, so she says the n word now? That’s so fucked” My other friend tells her I didn’t say it, and this girl keeps going on about how I did and that my bestfriend was lying or something. My bestfriend, not sticking up for me yet again goes, “I’m trying to be friends with both of you guys so I’m just gonna stop talking about it.” And she just left it at that. So I, standing up for myself cause I will not be told what I did or didn’t do, tell her to “stop stirring shit up and leave me the fuck alone, I didn’t say the word, my bestfriend fucking told you I didn’t, so leave me the fuck alone.”

This girl really said I “had the balls to snap her saying all that shit” and that I talked shit on her and her journey with God😂 *thats why she stopped being friends with me even tho I’m the better kid out of the both of us, and I’m also a Christian* when I never did, I don’t care what she does in her life, I really really don’t, and if she wants to better her relationship with god, go for it sis. I don’t have a problem w it.

The funny part about this whole thing is, not even two months ago, we were talking and she was reading something and she accidentally said the n word. *shes white too* and she was like “omg I can’t believe I said that dont tell anyone” I told her I wouldn’t because it was an accident. And we never spoke of it again, but here I am listening to song, NOT EVEN SAYING THE WORD, and she’s out here trying to ruin my friendships, and my whole senior year.

*shes the popular friend and she knows a lot of people, I have no doubt in my mind she’s going to start spreading lies and saying she saw or heard me say it. But I honestly don’t know how to handle this situation because no matter what I say she’s not gonna believe me. *

What is y’all’s advice? I honestly don’t even know what to do... I have done nothing wrong, I didn’t say it, I didn’t mouth it... idk what else to do.