Can’t pee after sex

So I was a virgin up until last Wednesday and my boyfriend and I have had sex 3 times since then. I’ve always heard you have to go to the bathroom right after so you don’t get a infection or whatever. Well last night I didn’t until about a hour later. And when I went i was fine until I finished and it hurt just a little but it wasn’t really a sharp pain it was more of a pressure feeling. And this morning I had to pee really bad and when I went, I peed some and then couldn’t go anymore. It doesn’t hurt it just feels weird and like I have to pee really bad but I’m holding it in. And also when I wiped there was a little blood but the second time I wiped there was nothing. And I’ve heard that that’s pretty normal bc he could have tore my hymen. I just wanna know if I should be worried or if it’ll go away. the longer I sit here while I’m typing this I’m starting to feel it go away. I just wanna get someone else’s opinion.