Am I being overly dramatic

Ok I've been dating my boyfriend for 3 years and we had good and bad times. I must attempt I'm ready for marriage however we need to become a lot more stable. Today I call him for his opinion and he kept saying Idk so I thank him for nothing and hung up. He called my later and forward his calls. I didn't feel like talking because I'm feeling a little down. Than he waited hours later and called again but I still feel like talking because just not trying to draw him in toy negativity. I love him with all my heart but when I was trying to explain to him I was feeling down he caught an attitude instead of him trying to comfort me he ignored me. So me being upset I told him about his self and told him I needed to find somebody else that I can reach out to. Today was one of my lowest days and he was here for me so yes I went off. Am I being over dramatic?