am I selfish?

Jenny • mommy of 1 sweet girl 💞

I hate how my bf is. He always complains when I ask to go somewhere with him. He always says ‘ you know I hate to go out my mom is like that ‘ and like yeah I get that but it’s every damn time I literally have to fight for him to get out the house to go to the store with me. He hasn’t left the house since a few weeks and he took 2 weeks off of work for COVID and all he did was play his games or watch videos. Then when I wanted to go out and eat noodles it’s ‘ you always wanna go places and ask me to go ‘ and I was so frustrated that I told him we haven’t gone out since forever and he gave in but he was like ‘ I’m not gonna go out for the next couple of days because we went out today ‘ and I didn’t feel like arguing so I was just like whatever. And since then we really haven’t left and today I wanted to get some food for the fridge and he literally threw a whole fit and gave me the same ‘ mom doesn’t like to leave I’m the same ‘ lecture and I understand completely but why can’t he just come with me once in a while without being so mad. The only time he ever actually wants to go out is if he gets something out of it :/ like today he was like ‘ I’m not gonna get a haircut if I go ‘ and I feel like i can’t stay with him idk if that makes me selfish