Drug testing without my knowing

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So to be clear I do not smoke marijuana not even cigarettes although I have been using a infused cannabis lotion for my back which I use to take prescriptions for my back pain but did not like the feeling of the side effects so I stopped using them when I got pregnant and started to use the lotion which seemed to be much better if you have seen me I literally look like I had a hunch back but it’s only my because my back pain makes it hard for me to stand straight for a long period of time which being a mom of four I’m constantly on my feet I sometimes can’t even stand straight anyway. I am currently 31 weeks pregnant and I received an email from my obgyn that I have failed my drug screen for the second time which I wasn’t even aware that I failed the first time nor I was even being test for any drugs I felt confused I wasn’t told anything at the dr office if anything it was always everything seems fine and sent on my way home thinking I am ok and thinking that the lotion was fine for me to use of course I stopped applying the lotion but was mad that it wasn’t brought to my attention that I wasn’t being told anything and the email was assuming that I was a smoker and the Email I received was aggressive assuming I am smoking and being threatened with cps. Again I do not smoke and honestly didn’t know that the lotion would show up positive on a drug screen I have explained this to my dr but now feel uncomfortable that everything was done without my knowing and felt a lil judged and asked how come none of this was told to me at the dr office I could of explained myself instead of them assuming I was a drug user . I have no problem testing after delivery because I am not a smoker but the trust with my obgyn now feels off I feel a upset with the way the situation was handled. What do you ladies think