First Experience 😩.. *kinda vulgar language*

Inarah • 24

Okay, So.. I’ve been exploring my sexuality and honestly, I probably always been bi since I was a kid. When I was in preschool I used to “play house” with the teacher’s daughter and we used to kiss and dry hump under the table 😭😂 anyway, for the last year or so I’ve been really wanting to talk too and explore with a girl. Fast forward to about 2 months ago or so, I started working at Amazon and I met this girl (I guess you could say she’s a fem) and we started talking. Anyway, she does stuff to me, but idk how to approach doing stuff with her. I’m really submissive when it comes to sex and relationships. So I always allow her to start, but I woke up this morning horny AF and all I wanna do is play with her pussy and hear her moan 😩 the problem is, I’m scared to start it cuz what if I’m not good at it 😕😕 any tips/ways for me to start it?