TTC baby #2


My husband and I were gonna start trying this month after my ovulation cycle he told me he wants to wait until we can figure some stuff out. So of course I’m gonna be a little disappointed if i don’t get pregnant this month. I’m 5 days away from AF. I’m driving myself crazy over here with all my symptoms lol. I keep waking up in a panic around 2-4 am a couple times from very vivid nightmares. I’ve been having vivid dreams most of them about me taking pregnancy tests and they come up positive and some even telling people I’m pregnant. About two or three times now I’ve have felt “let down” haven’t felt that since I’ve breastfed my daughter. I’ve have cramping on and off since 3dpo. I’ve have lower back pain, I’ve been a little more tired than usual and a little more out of breath. My sense of smell is also enhanced. I’ve taken a couple tests and they come up negative. I know it can still be too soon. I’m just trying to ease my mind and hopefully talk to someone going through the same thing. Thanks!