Just a rant... Partners with health problems

So my husband needs a kidney transplant but can't get one right now because transplants are considered 'elective' right now and aren't safe due to COVID. Yes even with everything opening up. You can get a cocktail, he can't get a kidney.

He will be ok (I hope...). He is on dialysis at home which can keep him alive while he waits. But it's so frustrating. He has multiple live donors, he is ready health wise but it's 'elective' so he can't. So he just needs to filter all over his blood for 5 hours every other day for the foreseeable future. Especially because our states COVID cases are spiking so it's more than likely we will have to quarentine again.

Obviously first world problems. Other people have it much worse during this pandemic. Just so frustrated and sad.

And I don't know how to be supportive at this point. I'm pregnant, he's sick and I can't fix it or make it go away for him. Not that he expects me to but I just want to fix it. I want to be able to move on from this. I want this dialysis stuff out of our faces. I can tell he is sad and frustrated even though he puts on a brave face. He tries his best to take care of me because this pregnancy is hard but when you are on dialysis you can't move so he gets very frustrated.

Ugh. I can't wait for COVID to be over. (Yes, we are personally still mostly quarentined/completely socially distanced. Risking his health just isn't worth it. So we are also going stir crazy).