I cant believe she is finally here!


Strong pains started at 530a this morning, the 1st 3 contractions i ignored becuase for the past weeks ive been having false labor. Once forth contraction hit it braught me to tears and i knew it was the real thing i started timing them and noticed they were about 2 to 3 minutes apart, and strong, jumped in shower and started to get ready to head to the hospital, it was nearly impossible because of the pain, before i left i went to the bathroom and noticed blood(6:45am). I told my husband we had hurry we arrived at the hospital around 730a, i was at about 6 centimeters. They transferred me to labor and delivery were i begged for AN epidural because the pain was so much. Nurse said she called it in meanwhile she said i can do your covid testing i refused to have covid test until they gave me epidural, i was pretty rude about it, but i was in so much pain and i tought that this would help get me the epidural faster, a few minutes after that i started to get an urge to push, nurse got the doctor and when he checked I was already at 9cm, i continued to beg for epidural but doctor explained that i was doing so well she was confident that i could push this baby out in a few minutes, if i wanted epidural i would have to wait for them to come up and wait for my iv to take. The word "wait" terrified me, so i agreed to push naturally. Oh it was painful i cried and kept saying i couldn't do it, but she continued to encourage me, baby was high up so doc told me i had to push harder, about then minutes of pushing and baby was out. My 3rd child quickest delivery yet (abou 3 hours from start to end), it happened so fast. My 2nd princess was born on her due date (june 24th) at only 6.3 and 18 inc