Sooo pee'd off

May be I'm over reacting but the past few days oh has been really off with me n I don't know why. We were having a joke n he took it so serious n since then he has been distance this joke was about making a sandwich yes a sandwich Saturday night he lay literally the other side of bed by the wall didn't say goodnight give me a kiss or cuddle the same last night he said I'm in his bad books I asked y he said we are this close to being done I asked if he was serious he never replied so I just said fine if that's what u want n then I asked him again he said he was joking but he was so serious when he said it n again went to sleep the other side if bed n no affection or nothing I feel like iv lost him n he hasn't been the same since I can't help but get upset all the time but when I tell him how I feel he just says I'm being stupid I love him so much and I no deep down he does have feelings for me whether he is still in love with me I don't know in just really down with it ATM n need somewhere to get it off my chest sorry for boring u all :(