I'm thinking about kids...He doesn't want kids.


Me and my SO have been dating for almost a year, just recently got engaged. Every topic we agree on, except babies. He's had a vasectomy for many years before I met him, and for the most part he's anti kid. But what's confusing is that we watch family romantic comedies, and he has moments where he says we'd have a beautiful baby, and misses his kids from his first marriage who are grown and out of the house. But when I mention that I would love to have a part of me and him running around the house, he assures me i'm getting caught up in the romanticism of it.

Am I alone in these feelings?

He's the first man i've met that being married and raising children doesn't make me want to bolt, or say 'hell no' like I used to so many times.

Any insight helps.

-Baby fever bouts-