Neighbor thinks my husband is beating me...


You guys, something crazy just happened. I pulled into the garage, turned off the car and as I went to get out this middle aged man was just STANDING RIGHT OUTSIDE THE GARAGE STARING AT ME!!!!!

He said his name was Lewis and he was my neighbor. I’ve never met him before but he said he is in the house right behind mine, so his backyard touches mine, super close. I said hi but I was definitely freaked out. Then he said, “I’ve been in your house once a few years back, there was a domestic abuse incident and I went over there because I used to be in law enforcement.....”

He gave me this super intense look and I just said “okay”, then he left.

And then it hit me....

Yesterday afternoon I spent about 10 minutes scream-crying in our house because I moved a bottle of hot sauce, didn’t wash my hands and ended up somehow getting hot sauce ON MY VAGINA. Literally top 5 most painful experiences of my life and my neighbor must have heard me screaming and thought my husband was beating me up!!!!!!


Overall though, super freaking cool that he felt the need to tell me he’s got my back if anything were to happen to me. Feel terrible for my husband though, next time Lewis sees him, he’s going to think “that’s the guy that beats his pregnant wife.”