SAHM rant

We decided as a family mainly bc of finances and wanting two babies back to back that it just made sense for me to quit my job and be a SAHM. That was in February when we realized I was preggers again...and then Covid happened.

I don’t go anywhere other than my parents or inlaws or my OB apts. I’ve been with my amazing son everyday all day for the 12-13 hours he’s awake and I shower/exercise while he naps. Needless to say I don’t get a break and if I did, there’s no where I’d feel safe going nor seeing anyone else.

I’m starting to really resent my husband who sits in his mancave from 7-4 Mon-fri working. Yes. I know he’s working. But he gets to sit down in quiet. He gets to eat whenever he wants. Go on errands whenever. He exercises and showers before work and he usually does dinner as soon as he’s done working.

I just wish we could switch spots some days. 😩