Did I make a mistake I’m leaving him?

So I have been trying to deal with a recent breakup with my partner of almost 2 years. I am 21 now but we met when we were teens. When we met I noticed he had some anger issues and would get upset at little things. I talked about them before with him but brushed it off to us being young and needing time to grow. Recently he lashed out at his supervisor which cost him his job. I told him how much his anger scared me and he proceeded to tell me that he was tired of my conflicted feelings. He said he was nothing but loyal and faithful to me and that I gave up on him. As much as I tried to talk to him and possibly end things on good terms, he blocked me. It sucks because I really do feel like I made the right choice but part of me also feels like I didn’t try hard enough to get him help or talk it out with him.