Should we cut our sons tongue tie

TL/DR would you cut your babies tongue tie if it wasn’t currently medically necessary to prevent limitations such as sticking there tongue out???

So my 6 week old son has a pretty severe tongue tie. It reaches all the way to the top of his tongue. We have been to two appointments so far regarding his tongue to see if it needs to be cut. Two weeks ago he was 7lb 5oz and gaining 57g per day now he is 9lb 1oz and is only gaining 27g per day. The dr was concerned because he would originally only latch for like a second and was struggling really hard with breast feeding. A few days ago he finally started fully breastfeeding off of me and no longer required a bottle. The dr is no longer as concerned about the tongue tie as she was before but wants to see if the amount he is gaining per day decreases again. If it does then it will be medically necessary to cut his tongue tie. If his weight stays the same it will be up to us if we still want to cut his tongue tie even if it is not medically. And I’m not sure what to do if it isn’t medically necessary all I keep think is how my son won’t be able to stick his tongue which means he will have certain limitations. Like he won’t be able to lick ice cream, what if kids make fun of him when his older, he won’t be able to stick his tongue out playfully, he won’t be able to use his tongue to get stuff out of his teeth and other things like that. All of them are mundane and nothing serious. Really need opinions???

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