Physical work during IVF "realistic"

Hi community! It's my first post, first <a href="">IVF</a> stimulation cycle starting in 10-14 days. I'm looking for advice when it comes to how much physical limitations I need to put on myself during the stimulation cycle?

(Background: 8 failed <a href="">IUI</a>'s last year. I'm 38, healthy, strong, part time yoga teacher, TTC for 5 years. Unexplained infertility with low numbers across-the-board for his swimmers.)

I work as a marine upholsterer. I basically make or refinish furniture for boats and yachts. I lift heavy things, use power tools, work (safely) with chemicals and am on my feet working sometimes in tight spaces. My DR, the nurses and pharmacist all said the same thing (like read from a script) that I can't lift more than 10 lbs, or do work that requires bending and twisting from day 1 of stimulation until egg retreaval. This is basically impossible, I can't work at all with those restrictions. How can I get a realistic understanding of how much time I need to take off work? What is your experience? How much did you need to limit yourself physically during <a href="">IVF</a>? Help!