2w postpartum milk production


Hey y’all. Please help a girl out.

Baby boy born @ 37w.

He’s 2 weeks today.

He had to be supplemented with formula since a few hours old due to hypoglycemia. We then kept supplementing due to losing too much weight.

He met his weight yesterday! Whoooo!

However, pediatrician said I should be making 3-4oz of breast milk per feed. I’m unsure how much I exactly make as he feeds until he stops then we give him formula or pumped breast milk.

He wants me to pump directly after each feed to try to increase supply. I do this during the day hours, not at night.

I just pumped 40ml after a 30m feed. That seems sufficient to me. What does everyone think? How much did you make 2w postpartum?

Also, he does not want to wake up at night to feed. He will take bottle but not breast for 3am and 7am feeds. We were told not to go more than 4h. We do skin to skin. Change diaper. Massage. Cool rag. Etc. worried I may always have to supplement at night if he won’t latch. He latches fine during the day most of the time.