Advice !!!


So my boyfriends ex which he shares two daughters with has an old phone of his which she bought him when they were dating . His old phone has all his info from his emails social media and everything. Well she has been hacking all his social media’s and we didn’t know until we noticed she would delete certain posts . Then it became more obvious when she deleted photos of me and my son but would leave pictures of their daughters up . My boyfriend confronted her and she denied it he changed his passwords now and did the thing where it tells you when someone logs into your stuff . Well since she couldn’t log in anymore she decided to hack his Snapchat where I had sent him nudes which he saved on his chat so when she opened it they were there and she saved them on the gallery made a fake Facebook account of me and sent friend requests to my family and posted my nudes . We know it was her because she’s the only one that would do that well we confronted her we told her we were going to press charges but the account got deleted and i couldn’t screenshot the evidence I was so embarrassed I just wanted the account taken down . I only have proof of her logging into his social media . Can I still press charges or do a restraining order what can I do ?