Please tell me it gets better


My son is 18 months old. He has always been a pretty good sleeper. He didn’t sleep alone much until he was about 14-15 months. For the last month he hasn’t slept through the night but one time.

The first week he was cutting a tooth so I gave into him a bit. The next week he lost all of his pacis and I didn’t hunt any down so he’s paci free now. The next week he hit 18 month so sleep regression?

I’ve always held him to go to sleep for nap and bed and then laid him down. It’s worked great until this last month. He WILL NOT nap if I lay him down. At night he’s only sleeping for about 2 hours on his own.

I’ve tried letting him cry but he cries and cries and cries and does not stop. I calm him down but as soon as I take my hand away he’s right back to crying. He got so mad two nights ago that he was throwing himself away from me when I’d try to calm him and hitting his head on purpose thinking I’d pick him up. Usually I can finally get him calmed to where I can stand beside him for a bit while he gets back to sleep and we’re good for the night. Last night I did that and it lasted 5 minutes.

I need sleep and I need a way to get him to sleep that doesn’t kill my back. He’s hoarse today from screaming. I feel terrible but something has to be done. Maybe it’s worse because I’m working from home during this virus and he’s not going to daycare. My husband doesn’t help because he just kicks him up and puts him in our bed if he’s ever around for bedtime.

I’m interested in the chair method. Where you place a chair by the bed until baby falls asleep with no aid. And move it farther away each night. Has anyone used this successfully? Tips? Tricks?

We will also be moving soon so is there any point in doing anything right now? Should I just let him be and sleep in my bed when he wakes up I til we get settled in our new house? Maybe work on getting naps back to normal for now?

I don’t want book recommendations because I don’t have time for that.

It’s gets better right????