I broke up with my boyfriend we have been long distance for 10 months. He’s a marine, was deployed. Anyways he told me while he was gone (mind you we have been together for almost 2 years) that he has a pornography addiction, and that he doesn’t want to have sex with me anymore. AFTER ALMOST 2 YEARS he tells me this. Honestly this seems quite suspicious to me. I also found out before he told me about this “addiction.” That he was hanging out in a blow up pool on base with a bunch of girls, didn’t text me for HOURS and then the next day says “sorry I was drinking and I forget things when I’m drunk.” That to me sounds also suspicious. I’m so hurt because I never thought this would happen to me, he was in my eyes the “perfect” guy and then switched up so fast.

Has anyone been through a similar experience, if so how did y’all deal with this. ALSO I would love some of y’alls input if you think he was being shady during deployment.