Unassisted Freebirth At Home 6/5/2020


International Home Birth Day 6/5/2020

From the very beginning of my pregnancy I just knew when my rainbow baby would make their appearance. My first baby passed away on June 5th, 2019 due to an ectopic pregnancy. I was in a very different place in my life at the time, things were very chaotic. After taking 3 months to mourn and heal, we conceived our rainbow baby and I just had this feeling that my angel baby’s soul was ready to come to Earth. My life was a lot more peaceful and things had started to settle down.

Fast forward to September 22nd when I found out I was pregnant, I decided to have a completely wild pregnancy- free from doctors, ultrasounds, check ups, intervention, etc. I took my prenatal care into my own hands and did my own self-directed care at home– belly mapping, blood glucose testing, nutrition - Brewer’s diet, walking, vitamins, etc. I also spent my entire pregnancy researching birth, reading, talking with friends and planning my freebirth at home. Just Sam & I.

I went into early labor at 9 AM June 4th and birthed at 12:26 PM on June 5th in the safety of my home, with the man I love as my support.

This is birth - raw and bloody. Birth broke me open. It was literally the craziest experience of my entire life. I not only birthed a baby, I birthed myself as a mother. I labored for 27 hours in and out of my birth pool and ended up birthing on my bed.

I am a mother. I am a creator. I am life. I’m a fucking badass. A warrior. I’m so blessed to have had the support from Sam. He relentlessly encouraged me, took care of me, boiled so many pots of hot water for my pool, let me scream at him and squeeze his hands. He 100% supported me from the beginning of this whole journey and I can’t thank him enough.

Now we get to enjoy our son. He came out so quickly. Pushed with the fetal ejection reflex for 26 minutes and he came flying out. He cried immediately. Placenta was born literally a minute later. He was pink and alert. He could lift his head already to look at me.

He is healthy and happy. He has all ten fingers and toes.

Welcome to the world, Ezra Jun 君 Chen. 7 lbs. & 8 oz. Born at home, planned, unassisted, safe, and loved.

And to those who doubted me, who only shared negative energy towards me, who tried to fear monger me or scare me 🖕🏼

He has been so wonderful. He brings us so much joy. We started potty training him from Day 3 and he hasn’t had a single poopy diaper since then and he is now a month old. He holds his head up and props himself up on his elbows/arms. He sleeps so well through the night. We have been blessed.