Second Pregnancy


Me and my boyfriend have been trying to get pregnant and we finally got pregnant . We have a 4yrs old daughter and it took us 4yrs to get pregnant and I had thought that I would not get pregnant again again cause I had a birth control in my arm 💪 . So I was at work to take the pregnancy test and I was in shock 😲 . But I want to ask y’all if I don’t have any Systems of the pregnancy ???? Do that means I’m pregnant 🤰🏽?? Cause with this is my second pregnant 🤰🏽 I don’t know what to expect the second pregnancy 🤰🏽??? Can y’all help me please and tell me what vitamins to take and I really don’t know . Cause we I was pregnant 🤰🏽 with my daughter the doctor had to describe me vitamins.... Help me please !!!!!😮😮😥😥