Ttc 19months 32years old.

Have been trying for our first baby for about 19months now, I have very regular periods and opks predict ovulation every month. We are both healthy (or so I think) my weight is normal, we have regular sex and more so around fertile week and I also get the egg white mucous 🤷🏽‍♀️ My husband had sperm Analysis in Feb which the results came back excellent on 6/7 measures. The gp was great with his concerns as hubby does have underlying crohns and has had doses of various strong medications in the past when he was quite ill. He’s been in remission for 3 years now 😄🤞🏽 I’ve Finally plucked up the courage after whinging and worrying for the past however long now and got in touch with the doctors myself. I also went to see a nurse in Feb, I found she was very patronising and no help at all..I came away feeling more negative than when I went. I booked through the doctors online consultation which was great, they got in touch straight away and help starts with a blood test tomorrow and some swabs I think. And I have an appointment with the hospital gynaecology In September. 🤞🏽Something I have realised is I get cramping usually a week before my period is due which is usually 5/6 days after ovulation. Does this mean implantation never even gets a chance to happen due to hormones or something!?! Anyway I can’t wait to seek help starting with tomorrow. 🥴🤞🏽