Allergies - dairy and eggs


Not looking for advice to act on as I know we need to speak to the dr, I’m more so just looking for other peoples experiences and what they’ve been advised.

We’ve been on the waiting list for the drs for a while now for allergy tests for my 9 month old daughter but still waiting due to COVID.

We started solids not long after lockdown started and she had an allergic reaction to eggs, her body was covered in hives and she was rubbing her eyes a lot and sneezing so that was a pretty scary experience.

We’ve also had suspicions for a while - but we aren’t 100% sure she has a problem with dairy too. But this tends to be a mild reaction as far as we can see, we’ve tried a couple of things and she rubs her right eye a little and has a very small rash on her cheek but only for the duration of the meal, by time we start clean up you’d never know.

We breastfeed too and she seems fine with this and I’m not dairy free.

Has anyone had similar as far as dairy goes (ie a mild reaction) and what were you advised? For the most part were steering clear but offering very small amounts every couple of weeks because I’m scared incase she goes on to have a severe reaction but equally I don’t want to restrict a food group needlessly if this is a really common and harmless thing. I’ve rang the drs a couple of times and just keep getting told she’s on a waiting list for allergy testing but they cant tell me when so I feel like we’re in a limbo